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My name is Sue Trethowan-Jones, my work is Decoupage, painting, jewellery & Books

  • Sue Trethowan-Jones

My Story


My former career was writing. I spent 23 years in journalism, 20 years as Women’s Editor of the Geelong News newspaper, and two years spouting on my own radio show. 


I opened a shop in Gallery/Shop in Brighton where I showcased designs and regularly taught others. 


I have published a successful book “Gems of a Generation”. 

I also design jewellery and have produced my own fashion label for Kaftans.  I has worked on vintage decoupage to produce a fascinating Bohemian flavoured collection of unique designs. 


From the day I first started covering everything I had in the studio, my fixation for this fine  art grew into spending more than six hours a day planning, making and designing.  Sleep at night was fuelled by the magic of ideas, and the juxtaposition of colours and shapes became an occupation, as the sandstone steps were carefully navigated each day as I settled into my new ‘career’. 



0417 772 188

  • Sue Trethowan-Jones
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