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My Name is Venetia (Vetta) Sertaridis, I am an acrylic artist

  • Venetia (Vetta) Sertaridis
  • Vetta Sertaridis

My Story

My name is Venetia known as Vetta, a self-discovered artist .
I've always admired Art and creative people, but never thought I was one of them.

My grandchildren inspired and motivated me to paint , we played with acrylics.

My husband and I recently transitioned to retirement and made the sea change move to the Bellarine.

Visiting Arts Trail last year and attending lessons with Effie, was the catalyst for my painting skills to fruition.

I enjoy painting nature mainly seascapes, when I paint, I am simply happy.

Vetta Sertaridis.jpeg
Vettta Sertaridis 6.jpeg
Vetta Sertaridis 1.jpeg
Vetta Sertaridis 8.jpeg
Vetta Sertaridis 5.jpeg
Vetta Sertaridis 9jpeg.jpeg
Vetta Sertaridis 2.jpeg
Vetta Sertardis.jpeg
Vetta Sertaridis 7.jpeg
Vetta Sertaridis 11.jpeg
Vetta Sertaridis 4.jpeg
Vetta Sertaridis 13.jpeg


0403 330 167

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