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Elly Smits - Artist


My name is Elly Smits I am an artist who works with different mediums. I has a studio at Artisans of Australia in Drysdale. 

My Story

I have been discovering different art mediums for the last 10 to 12 years and have gained experience in many mediums by attending workshops and classes by local artists such as Jill Shalless, Lisa Wang, Sue Johns and Tony Bramwell. 

Since hiring a studio space at Artisans of Australia in Drysdale 18months ago, I have spent a lot of time working in those mediums;  painting, drawing and creating and improving my skills, but mostly enjoying myself.
I paint mostly for my own enjoyment, and; exhibit for the viewers enjoyment, its very encouraging if I sell a piece and take great pleasure in knowing someone else connects with the scene as I do. 

Having a studio within the Artisans of Australia venue, I have the added benefit of being around like minded people and have the chance to grow further as an artist and also share my skills with others who are just beginning the journey. There is a Wednesday afternoon group I particularly enjoy , “Meet, Share, Create” which encourages everyone to bring along projects that they are working on and the diversity of skills and mediums is amazing. 
I am currently, “living the dream!”




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