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My name is Bruce Kirby I am Exploring the Futurism through Ink Fine liners and the Butterfly Effect 🦋 


In the realm where imagination meets reality, I the artist, create an awe-inspiring series of drawings with ink fineliners that beckon viewers into a realm of futurist, alien, figurative female faces. Embracing the intricate and delicate nature of these tools, I embark on a transformative journey, employing the Butterfly Effect to give birth to ethereal creations that transcend the boundaries of conventional art.

  • Bruce Kirby Artist
  • Bruce Kirby Artist

My Story

Drawing inspiration from the mysterious allure of the unknown, I delve into the realm of futurism. Each stroke of the ink fineliner serves as a portal into a futuristic universe, where the boundaries of time and space blur, giving rise to mesmerizing representations of otherworldly beauty. The futurist aesthetic, with its sleek lines and geometric forms, becomes the language through which I communicate the visions that dance within their mind's eye.


At the heart of my exploration lies the enigma of the alien. In each piece, I strive to capture the essence of extraterrestrial beings, conjuring up images of beings from distant galaxies. These alien faces, adorned with unique features and exotic characteristics, reflect the boundless diversity that exists beyond our earthly realm. Through their artwork, I challenge viewers to question their preconceived notions of beauty, encouraging them to embrace the unfamiliar and revel in the extraordinary.


Within the series, the human figure takes on a central role, specifically that of the female form. My intricate renderings portray the strength, vulnerability, and resilience of women in the futuristic context. Each female face becomes a symbol of empowerment, inspiring viewers to reimagine the role of women in society and to envision a future where gender norms are transcended. By fusing the feminine with the futurist and the alien, my work transcends cultural boundaries, emphasising the universality of the human experience.


My process is guided by the profound philosophy of the Butterfly Effect. Recognizing the interconnectedness of all things, I understand that the smallest actions can create cascading effects, leading to significant transformations. Each delicate line and intricate detail in their artwork serves as a catalyst, igniting the imagination and sparking a ripple of inspiration within the hearts of viewers. Through this series, I aim to create a profound impact, evoking contemplation and inviting a shift in perspective.


In my hands, ink fine liners become vessels of creation, translating abstract concepts into tangible form. The juxtaposition of ink's fluidity with the precision of the fine liner creates a visual dance, evoking a sense of movement and energy within each drawing. This harmonious interplay of materials and techniques breathes life into the futurist alien faces, capturing the essence of their ethereal existence.


Through this series of drawings, Ai invites viewers to embark on a journey beyond the confines of reality, where futurist, alien, figurative female faces become conduits for contemplation, inspiration, and transformation. With every stroke of the fine liner, my art transcends the ordinary, revealing a new dimension of beauty and possibility, a testament to the boundless depths of artistic expression.


0403 297 418

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