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My name is George-Ann Gunn.  I am an artist and the Vice President of the Bellarine Peninsula Arts Committee

My Story

After a career in primary teaching both in Victoria and Hong Kong I retired and then had the time to pursue my interest in painting. I began my artistic journey with Annette Playsted at the SpringDale Neighbourhood House as well as working with teachers in Geelong to extend my skills with oil and watercolor.


As a member of the SpringDale Artists I exhibit in our annual exhibition and have shown work at the Eastern Hub and more recently held an exhibition with three other artists at Artisans Gallery in Drysdale. I am also a member of the St James, Drysdale life drawing group.


I love to work in oil because of its intensity of color and fluid texture. My paintings often depict local scenes from around the Bellarine or landscapes from my travels around our vast country. My inspiration comes from the unique light and color that only our Australian bushland provides. I find painting to be an on-going challenge and an evolving process as I adapt and learn new skills and techniques to create my work.

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Phone: 0438 028 250

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