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My name is Helen Meikle,  I am the owner of Artisans of Australia and President of the Bellarine Peninsular Arts Trail. 

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My Story

"With a background in research and community development, I has always had a passion for the arts; while I would not classify myself as an artist I have always been creative and enjoy learning and developing my own style in each of the mediums that I enjoy playing in - ceramics, glass, metal and oil painting being her favourite.

In 2019 I launched Artisans of Australia, an artist run initiative aimed at linking the public with Australian artists. The goal was to establish an inclusive space where creative individuals could start or continue their artistic journey, as well as to provide studio space for established and emerging artists; all of this encased in an open and friendly environment where the public could meet and engage with the artists direct.

Having worked with local council and many of the artists on the Bellarine it became clear that there was a need for a Bellarine specific artists directory, which could further link the public to the studios and galleries that are a significant part of the Bellarine culture. In 2021 I was asked to take over the running of the Northern Bellarine Peninsula Arts Trail,

which I was honoured to do, and have formed a committee with several local artists to ensure the professional and smooth running of this important event.


I am excited to launch the Bellarine Peninsula Arts Association, the organisation which will form the arts directory and organise the arts trail."

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