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Point Lonsdale Artsits/Studios

Point Lonsdale is now part of an urban sprawl which spreads along the shore from Queenscliff and between Lonsdale Lakes Wildlife Reserve and Port Phillip. The area is known for its pleasant walks and impressive views over the surrounding waters.

Breathe in the sea air, listen to the waves, and while away days on the foreshore at this little hamlet on the tip of the peninsula. The picture of seaside tranquillity, complete with historic lighthouse, surf break and calm bay waters, Point Lonsdale has long been a favourite for holidaymakers.

View the dramatic scenery from high points along the ocean foreshore of Point Lonsdale, overlooking The Rip. This notorious entrance to Port Phillip Bay, where ocean and bay waters collide through a kilometre-wide outlet, creates one of the world's most dangerous stretches of water.

Local Point Lonsdale artists Janet Goldman and Bevan Shepherd have created

Tussock Upstairs Art Gallery. 


Blonde Woman


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Image by Joel Filipe
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