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Portarlington Artists/Studios

Portarlington is the home for mussel festival and the Celtic folk festival.

Portarlington is an artists hub with 6 galleries and numerous artists.

The seaside town of Portarlington is located on the north-eastern corner of the Bellarine Peninsula, 31 kilometres from the city of Geelong.

Portarlington is a popular holiday destination, offering sheltered swimming beaches and an attractive foreshore featuring a pier, BBQ and picnic areas, and a large camping area. The town's main commercial centre is on Newcombe Street and is dominated by the landmark Grand Hotel which was built in 1886. Parks and recreation reserves occupy the sloping foreshore between the shops on Newcombe Street and the beach, providing good views across the bay and towards the You Yangs mountain range north of Geelong.


karens profile pic.jpg

Karen Coulson

Karen wants her paintings to describe a feeling, evoke a response or excite the viewer’s imagination. Her process is often one that embraces accident and ambiguity.


Phone:0423 491 551

Karen Coulson - Wave_Fotor.jpg
Cheryl Hilton.jpg

Cheryl Hilton

My interest in art has been developed through local art groups. 

I love the open space vistas across the bay, views of the countryside, nature, the changing seasons. 

I work in all mediums, oil, watercolour and acrylics.

Phone:0428 240 546

Sean Rodwell.jpg

Sean Rodwell

I tend to create by whichever mood I am in. 


One minute it is drip painting on the floor in acrylics, next pastel landscapes…or portraits in oil. 


I particularly enjoy reproducing famous masterpieces in pastel (a real challenge) prepare to be surprised!

Phone:0419 314 095

Matise shape1.jpg

Sally Cant

Sally is trained in watercolour and has won numerous awards for her work which can be found across Australia, Norway, United Kingdom and U.S.A. Sally has studied with the likes of Amanda Hyatt, Robert Wade OAM and David Taylor and was awarded best in show at Brighton Art Show by Robert Wade OAM.  

The vibrancy, transparency and impact of watercolour is the reason why watercolour is Sally’s ‘heart centred medium’. She loves painting large format vibrant paintings of many subjects.


Phone: 0408 691 405

  • Sally Cant
Beth Sternbeck .jpg

Beth Sternbeck

I love colour. My work ranges from realism to abstract.  At times with collage, mixed media elements.  I love painting animals, I also love challenging myself.  Painting is what I make as I become my authentic self.


Phone: 0407 047 137

  • Beth Sternbeck
Beth Sternbeck.jpg
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