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Wallington Artists/Studios

Wallington reclines in the fertile heart of the Bellarine Peninsula, surrounded by well-treed, undulating, green landscape and deep, well-drained soils. The annual Wallington Strawberry Festival celebrates the fine fruit and history of the district. A variety of tourist parks, cottages and attractions have opened in recent years, continuing the historical role of the town.

A popular water theme park, Adventure Park is located on the outskirts of the township.



Annie Finkelde

The freedom of pattern and paint strokes appeals to Annie and it shows up in many of her artworks. Large canvases are her passion and most of her works involve complex scenes. Annie likes to take her viewers into her painting - to walk there with her. Annie uses oil paints, watercolour, gouache, mixed media and collage techniques in her artworks.

Phone: 0412 214 043

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