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Clifton Springs Artist/Studios

Named after mineral springs which were found in the area during 1870, Clifton Springs spans a diverse coastline consisting of a mixture of steep cliffs, sandy beaches and rocky outcrops.

Village of Clifton Springs. Formerly known as Sulphur Springs, Clifton Springs owes its identity to the Sulphur Brook that runs through it. The natural mineral water established the village as an important healing center.

A boat harbour protected by a breakwater is situated off the northern end of Jetty Road. On the western side of the harbour is a stretch of sandy beach near a dismantled pier. A scenic walk with views along the coast and north to the You Yangs mountain range can be enjoyed by following the pathway through Adrian Mannix Reserve along the cliffs above the harbour.

The secluded Dell Picnic Area, next to the Clifton Springs Golf Course at the end of Springs Street, is accessible via several walking tracks which descend into an area that appears to be carved out of the surrounding cliffs. There are shelters and a large expanse of open lawn which extends right down to the sandy beach.  The Dell is a popular place for artists.



George-Ann Gunn

I love to work in oil because of its intensity of colour and fluid texture. My paintings often depict local scenes from around the Bellarine or landscapes from my travels around our vast country. 



Shannon Bride 

I’m a silversmith jewellery designer & maker based in Clifton Springs.

I’m semi retired & have found these days I have a lot more time to focus on my craft & turn it into a real passion instead of a hobby.


Phone: 0429 162 437

Myalie Loveday - Silverbeardesigns

Myalie Loveday

My name is Myalie Loveday - metalsmith jeweller and leather artisan. I am the soul creator/designer behind Silver Bear Designs and you'll find me most days in my home-based workshop on the stunning Bellarine Peninsula in Victoria, Australia.

My first love is my family and my passion is creating and designing unique bespoke creations.


Phone: 0432 687 468


Wendy Own

My work evolves organically, fuelled by an ongoing passion to express energy, movement, rhythm, dynamics, continuity. It is also inspired by the challenge of making complexity apparent through simple, sensually satisfying forms; to explore how meaning is created by juxtapositions of light and shade, negative and positiveshapes. 


Phone: 0447 638 219

Wendy Owen.JPG

Robert Madden

Robert Madden was born in Glasgow, Scotland and is now based in in Melbourne, Australia. Robert's favourite medium is photography, he also paints, works in multimedia, and stained glass. Robert trained in conventional film based photograhy at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, then worked as a still photographer in the fields of film/television, education and healthcare. Winning awards in both commercial and art photography he held his first one man exhibition in 1983, in 2007 his award winning multimedia CD "Snapshot" is touring galleries in regional Victoria as part of the Cancer Council Arts Awards. As computer graphics swept through the visual arts he studied the field both in Australia, the U.S.A. and the U.K. in 1995 he established Armadillo Media his multimedia publishing company. .



Phone: 0407 528 939


Sue Trethowan-Jones

My former career was writing. I spent 23 years in journalism, 20 years as Women’s Editor of the Geelong News newspaper, and two years spouting on my own radio show. 


I opened a shop in Gallery/Shop in Brighton where I showcased designs and regularly taught others. 


I have published a successful book “Gems of a Generation”. 

I also design jewellery and have produced my own fashion label for Kaftans.  I has worked on vintage decoupage to produce a fascinating Bohemian flavoured collection of unique designs. 


Phone: 0417 772 188



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