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Indented Head Artsits/Studios

Indented Head has a small residential community but is otherwise a popular bayside camping resort. The foreshore is broken into reserves and camping areas. The headland has a jetty, a boat ramp and a memorial to Flinders and Batman.

Explore the best of Indented Head with views of Port Phillip Bay, the wreck of the P.S. Ozone paddle steamer, historic boatsheds, beaches, Grassy Woodland and spectacular Moonah trees in a biodiversity conservation area.

The retired Port Phillip paddle steamerOzone, was sunk at Indented Head in 1925 to form a breakwater. The wreck remains a distinctive landmark visible offshore from the main beach.



Renae Chapman

My  name is Renae Chapman. I am an artist and Secretary for the Bellarine Peninsula Arts Committee

Phone:0408 088 622


Jenny McKinnis

My love of painting with oils began almost 30 years ago. There is nothing quite like the rich colour and texture which can be achieved with this medium. My style can be described as gestural, and working large-scale allows me to create broad, spontaneous brushstrokes.

  • Jenny McKinnis
Bruce Kirby 1.jpg

Bruce Kirby

Exploring the Futurism through Ink Fineliners and the Butterfly Effect 🦋 


In the realm where imagination meets reality, Bruce kirby the artist, creates an awe-inspiring series of drawings with ink fineliners that beckon viewers into a realm of futurist, alien, figurative female faces. Embracing the intricate and delicate nature of these tools, Bruce embarks on a transformative journey, employing the Butterfly Effect to give birth to ethereal creations that transcend the boundaries of conventional art.

Phone: 0403 297 418

  • Bruce Kirby Artist
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